October 23 - November 21


Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Key features: patience, passion, free spirit, good judgment, likes secrets
Best match: Cancer, Pisces


Sometimes it is not easy to get along with Scorpio. The insults can quickly bounce from their armour and when you warmly flatter them they will not melt as the snow in spring. The usual relationship's tactic and tricks characteristically does not apply to them. Scorpios simply do not need anyone to tell them how good they are. And even if they will agree with your compliments, they will think "what does he / she wants from me in exchange for such politeness?" ... (more)


The Scorpio man has the charisma that often interest others. Such man is popular by women. Often it is an instinctive attraction what makes the personality of Scorpio so highly-valued. He is self-confident and proud. The Scorpio man loves honesty and is able to give it to others. On the other hand, there are also few rather negative traits of this exceptional zodiac sign. The Scorpio man can be irritated and unpleasant when things ... (more)


The Scorpio woman is very emotional and acts mysteriously. As well as men born under this zodiac sign, also women are very passionate and avid. But it is not just about the body – the genuine Scorpio woman is able to love sincerely and faithfully her husband even in hard times. You will easily find courage and resilience among the personality traits of this exceptional zodiac sign. These women are support to the men in difficult ... (more)

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