Scorpio Man

October 23 - November 21


Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man has the charisma that often interest others. Such man is popular by women. Often it is an instinctive attraction what makes the personality of Scorpio so highly-valued. He is self-confident and proud. The Scorpio man loves honesty and is able to give it to others. On the other hand, there are also few rather negative traits of this exceptional zodiac sign. The Scorpio man can be irritated and unpleasant when things do not go according to the plan. If this man have a grievance against you, he will never forget it.

Personality Traits

It is said that Scorpios are passionate lovers. Naturally, there is no scientific study for that opinion, but with regard to their mysterious energy and vibrant aura that surrounds them, you can certainly believe it. If the word “passion” scares you a bit, then you should forget about the Scorpio man. Passion, of course, does not mean just sex, but also the intensity of the relationship – from the power of each kiss to the expression of his opinion on the colour of your shoelaces. However, does the Scorpio man seems to you calm and serene at first glance? Believe me, it is just a pretence! Self-control and the ability to deceive (like by chameleons) are very typical personality traits of this zodiac sign. Scorpios are good actors and only few people know what really lies behind their piercing eyes.

When it comes to solving a real and crucial problem, they have an explosive temper that can cause a lot of quarrel. Therefore you should never ask a Scorpio man what he thinks if you are not ready to hear the naked truth. Your dress, hairstyle or investments? He will praise everything, but only if he thinks it is really worth it!

Yes, sometimes this man can also politely applaud to the modest average (a very small dose of diplomacy is also among his personality traits), but it is better not to rely on that. The Scorpio man is not a born optimist or dreamer. Rather he snatches the blindfold from the head, if he feels that you live in delusion. Submissiveness and cautiousness are certainly not the basic personality traits of this zodiac sign. But you may look forward to an excessively intense relationship with such a man.

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