Scorpio Woman

October 23 - November 21


Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is very emotional and acts mysteriously. As well as men born under this zodiac sign, also women are very passionate and avid. But it is not just about the body – the genuine Scorpio woman is able to love sincerely and faithfully her husband even in hard times. You will easily find courage and resilience among the personality traits of this exceptional zodiac sign. These women are support to the men in difficult and crisis situations. Scorpio women are fair and do not tolerate insincerity.

Personality Traits

Women born under this zodiac sign are attractive, proud and confident. But above all, they are especially mysterious and that is what men usually like very much. As the saying goes: “A woman and a melon are hard to choose” which in this case is doubly true. The mind of the Scorpio woman works like an X-ray. When you will whisper sweet words in her ear, be sure it will move her lips and she will smile at you. But how much of those nice words will she believe? That is a big question! If your intentions are not serious, probably you are just wasting the time. The Scorpio woman sees through you. Her personality is in fact clairvoyant in some sense.

But this “disarming” quality has also its advantages. Your efforts and intentions are naked in the eyes of this sophisticated woman, but if she knows you so well from the very beginning, then she can very well predict what you need and what are you looking for. The Scorpio woman, seen from this perspective, may therefore be a confidential lover but also a responsive mate that perfectly captures your secret wishes. The lively tension and the ability to foresee problems are her indisputable personality traits.

However, the Scorpio woman is looking for a strong charisma, not for the common relationship which may be boring soon. Certainly such personality has to be no less bold and noticeable than her own. If you can offer such, it is a half success! Thanks to her courage, vigour and responsiveness you may expect many intense experiences.

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